When The Labels Come A Knockin'
(An Ode To Obi)

Lyrics and Music: Jason Foley
©1998, Day 19

Hey Mr. Metalhead
Donít you know
that metalís dead?
Cause my Ska band is the flava of da month

Itís kinda weird
how this came about
we havenít really played
that much out

Weíre kinda young
and weíre sorta cool
with really shiny horns
and leather shoes

Get ourselves a chick lead singer
yeah cause thatís the shit
cause thatís the way to make us linger
no doubt about it

When the labels come a knockiní
Iíll be there
with my hand out
to catch the money from the air
When the labels come a knockiní
Iíll be there
To catch the money yeah.....

Why donít we sample some
really cool Police song
cause it seems like thatís the thing to do

What are we
doing anyway
treading on
that O.C. play

We used to play
but now weíre
something new

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