Wanting More

Lyrics and Music: Jason Foley
Horns: Aziz Nekoukar
© 1998, Day 19

I've kept all your letters
re-read all your lines
it makes me feel better
to know youíre alright

I sang a song for you
at the Day 19 show
it screamed "Baby come home soon...
I miss you so..."

Every minute goes by
everyday is passed
and now I wonder why
you up and left

For a moment you were mine
For a second I felt fine
and now you just leave me
wanting more

Iíve talked to my friends
and to my family
they say "Hey, donít worry"
but Iím too blind to see

But Iíll hop on an airplane
just to see you today
my plane leaves this morning
Iíll be there by eight

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