The Worst Days

Lyrics: Jason Foley
Music: Jason & Brian Foley
Horns: Day 19
1999, Day 19

I tired to show you
just yesterday
how I feel

We were swinging
in the park and
I told you that I would steal

The stars from the night sky
take them down
and put them in your eyes
but it's so hard to get stuff through your
head and I dunno why

You thought that
I couldn't
have feelings for you

We know each other so well
cause of all that
we've been though


So much together
No matter what day
or type of weather
you have always been
there for me
and I have always been there for you


But I wanna be more than friends
and I know our friendship
will never end
Come what may I know
I'll still have you and that's for sure
I'll have you to see me through
The worst days of my life


Face to face
how did we end up in this place
but I am here beside you
holding your hand
and pulling you through

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