Suburban Drama

Lyrics & Music: Jason Foley
1997, Day 19

yesterday they broke up
and she didnt wait
to get far from
that boy that she once loved

She needed her time and space
she thought shed miss his handsome face
but in seconds
he was yesterday

So soon another came along
told her he would sing her song
and she believed
all he had to say

Hed been waiting for her so long
to play the caring friend, its wrong
cause hes gone
he made his play

She thought that hed never cry
She never thought hed say goodbye

Im compromised
Ive finalized
I figured
that I dont know why
they think that
Im no better

Learn from their mistakes
so I help initiate
some changes
for the better

Johnny Football fucked some girl
said that he would rock her world
but now shes
got a kid

He took no fault for her
said he was the one whos hurt
Didnt give a shit
for what he did

Now shes got two jobs
works at the Shop Rite to get along
her candles burnt
at both ends

She sits there and contemplates
her world full of dumb mistakes
and what shed do
if she could do it again

Now she hears the baby cry
Now she thinks of how to say goodbye

Ive seen it all a thousand times
people act without minds
and are labeled lifelong
for their moves

All I do is play the line
sit back and just feel fine
and learn from
from things that others choose

I never thought Id die
I never thought Id be alive

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