She's A Satanist

Words & Music-Jason Foley
Horn Arrangements-Day 19
©1998 Day 19

When I met her
seemed normal enough
she wore a cord jacket
and some converse chucks

We went together like
two peas in a pod
little did I know
she didnít like God

My first clue was when
she came all dressed in black
Is a graveyard where
she thinks this partyís at?

She said, "Jason, thereís something
I canít resist.
Itís that sweet taste
of my saviour Satanís kiss."

I donít know why
I was so tricked she was so fly
I saw right past
Her firestarter eyes
I don't know how
I was so fooled she was so nice
I just may be
Her next sacrafice
Sheís a Satanist
but I love her to death
Damianís sister
from devilís breath
Sheís got a smile
thatíll melt your heart
just watch out
for her Christine car

I took her out
to meet the boys in the band
but she had burned a
pentagram into the palm of her hand

I said, "Baby thereís
something you oughta know,
I donít want to go to
that Marylin Manson show."

Who'd a thought that
it would come to this
a hot, phatty girl
that I canít even kiss

I wanted to give her
a sweet kiss goodnite
but I was too afraid
that she would take a bite

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