Ryan Dominguez: Baritone Sax

On their second honeymoon, Ryan's parents returned to their homeland of the Philippines. While sharing a romantic *sarsi* cola in a bag (a Filipino custom), the couple noticed a small boy wondering around them. They quickly notified local police and adopted the child. Arriving in the states, on July 6th, 1981, the couple named the child Ryan and marked the date as his legal birthday. Thus, Ryan's true birthday is unknown.

Until that fateful day, Ryan had been living with a small pride of panthers, inhabiting a small tropical forest on an unpopulated, unnamed Filipino island. The pride taught young Ryan such survival skills as flatulating, both to mark territory and to signal danger, and hunting and consuming members of the hated K9 family.

Today, Ryan plays Baritone Sax in the infamous Day 19.

LIKES: All punk rock and ska with the exception of oi, Inca Cola, Cherry Cola, Honey Mustard and onion sour dough pretzel pieces, girls with: short hair (done up with clips), cat eye glasses, the ability to "swing" (swing baby, yeah), great sense of humor*, great listening skills*


DISLIKES: Oi, cream soda, birch beer, root beer, fake people, feet-in general, and drugs.

Strange But True Fact About Ryan:

Ryan once ate a dog on a trip to the Phillipines when he was a wee child. Strange, yet true.

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