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Survey Results

Who You Like, Who You Hate And Why...

And The "Winners" Are...

How Did You Find This Hell Hole?
Most Of You Found Out From A Day 19 Flyer (Probably The One With The Cow)...However, Jason Is Still Forcing People To Visit The Site And The Whore On The Corner Of Bloomfield And Montgomery Is STILL Spreading The Word... Only 2 People Are Stalking The Webmaster, Which Caused A General Sigh Of Relief...

Which Member Of Day 19 Picks His Nose At Least Once An Hour?
Some Say Brian, Some Say Obi, Some Have Even Accused Woody... However, Most Of You Agree That Jason's Digging For Gold At Least Once An Hour...

Who's The Better Jew, Aziz Or Dave?
The Jewish Juggernaut And The Skankin' Jew Have Been Battling It Out (And Still Are)... But, According To Day 19 Groupies Everywhere, Aziz Is The Better Jew...

Which Song Would You Most Like To See On A Preview Tape?
Sorry, Jason... Fans Of Day 19 Don't Want To Hear Your Voice... They'd Much Rather Listen To The Master Buttman Rock Out On "Harmonica"...

Which Member Of Day 19 Would You Most Likely Snipe?
There's Actually A Tie For This Question... While Dave, Ryan, Brian and Woody Snagged A Few Votes... The Most Loyal Day 19 Fans Would Take Out Jason And Obi In The Blink Of An Eye... This Might Seem A Stupid Question: But Don't You Realize-- No Singer, No 'Bone, No Show?

Which Member Of Day 19 Is The Best Skater?
Survey Says: Brian's Got All The Right Moves On The Ramps...

Do You Like Star Wars?
The Force Is Strong With Most Of You... But 45% Of You Think It's The Dumbest Thing Going...

Rantings? Ravings Obsessive Thoughts?
These Are Some Choice Comments By Those Surveyed.

"The meaning of life is to sleep as much as you can, wake up, watch Monty Python, perhaps go to school. Then go see Day 19 wherever they play. Also Dave is psycho, Aziz is a member of the mafia. Josh Myers is a skankin' fool at the Day 19 shows. If you need a lackey, Dave and Az know where to reach me. That's about it."
-Josh Myers

"Jay is GOD!!!!"
-Jenn (needless to say, she's got some probs)

"The meaning of life is a good movie by Monty Python."
-Chud A Rama

"I will experience real life when Butt and Jay finally move out of my house."
-Janel Foley

"Ummm...The meaning of life is that we were all put here to skank and only a select few of us realized this prophecy."
-Ian Lainof

"Oi and ebonics forever."
-Brian Gibbs, The BNJPUNKER

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