Words & Music: Jason Foley
© 1998, Day 19

"Greetings from Wildwood Crest"
you know I tried my very best
but in the end
we were separated

you didnít have to say alot
a couple of lines is all I got
I got your point
a postcard post dated

you said it was for the better
but I think Iíd deserve a letter
and if it were me
I would have wrote a book

we were worth the twenty cents
a phone call wouldíve made more sense
but it seems
Iíll never get another look

you came across crystal clear
those words that I didnít want to hear
and till this day
i donít understand you

you said you wanted it this way
and you had nothing left to say
youíre breaking up with me
by postcard today

It's been four years since we went out
I didn't think you'd let me down
but you did
you thought I couldn't see

You thought you ruled my world
but you were some messed up girl
and Iíve learned
That you didnít need me

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