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27 July 1998

CONGRATS TO THE BOYS!!!!! They'll be @ Warped on August 1st... So go and see em! In other news, the new survey results are up, so check out what everyone thinks...

21 July 1998

I'm BACK! Hey, It's Kate... I am just informing you that new survey questions are up... And take the survey... The last survey's results will be up in a few hours, days.. whatever.. Till then!

20 July 1998

Kate here-- again... Jason and I worked on the page crazily yesterday, making it easier to navigate... Jason added a bunch of new links to great bands like the Bosstones, MXPX and ALL... There's even a link to NYC's Moon Ska Records... Check it out when you can... Other than that, the boys are working hard to get the CD finished... Their next show is on the 1st @ Skaters World again... Hope to see you there...

18 July 1998

This is Kate and I just wanted to inform you about the newest Day 19 song. It's called Take Me Away and it was written by Obi. Go over to the lyrics page and check it out ASAFP!

16 July 1998

Hey all, it's Jason. Just wanted to inform you guys that so far, and I do mean so far, everything is right on track for a September release of our CD 13 LEGS. We just got back from laying down more horn tracks & vocals in the studio today. We have even more time booked up there (Twain Recording in West Milford, NJ), for Tuesday afternoon. I know I promised you guys sounds up on the web page two weeks ago but my four track, which I use to transfer sounds onto my PC, has a missing AC adapter believe it or not. As soon as someone can lend a tape deck to me or until I can find an AC adapter for it, I will put the sounds up. Until then guys, keep your heads up and may the force be with you.

10 July 1998

Just wanted to let you people know about the newest show added. CLICK HERE to find out more about what's going on. I hope to have directions up within the next couple of days, but that is all dependent on Jason-- EMAIL HIM AND BITCH, DAMNIT! :o) See ya at the next show! -KATE

29 June 1998

Hey! It's Kate and I'm back w/ a quick update and some info. Day 19 has been working hard on some new songs; be sure to listen for them soon. There are a few shows coming up, including one with Mustard Plug on 23rd August 1998. Check the shows page for info!

5 June 1998

Ok it's me Jason and Kate made the big mistake of teaching me some html so I did some updating of the page myself. You'll notice that I posted another new song, Fall Asleep. I also made some minor changes to some bios and just all around cleaned some stuff up. A new Usless Ramblings will be up within the next few days.

30 May 1998

Just a short notice... I posted the lyrics to a NEW song... It's called "21 Days".. Listen for it at upcoming shows!

28 May 1998

Hey All.. Kate back here to report on the Day 19 happenings.... Not too much is going on, just the show this weekend, which is definitely a must do.

In other news... I was made an "Honorary Bostonian" last night! I arrived early at the Mighty Mighty Bosstones concert and had a chance to meet and chill with the guys! They were BBQ-ing outside of The Stone Pony, so I got to eat, drink and be merry with some of the coolest people in the world. Ben was charming as ever; Dickie was adorable in his suit, fedora and shades. I also met some of the guys from The NC-13's and Spring-Heeled Jack. They were pretty chill. Needless to say, later that evening, the Bosstones threw an excellent show. They played some Ye Olde School stuff, as well as almost every song from their Let's Face It album... My night was complete when Dickie belted out the words to "Where'd You Go?" and "Someday, I Suppose." Next time they're in town, make sure you get to a show; it's DEFINITELY worth it. And maybe, if you get there early, you can eat grilled chicken and talk to them about nothing-- like I did.

24 May 1998

Hola y bienvenidos.. (been writing an essay en español, sorry)... Anyway, I added a few concert dates and a nice pic of your fave boyz... Check them out! Hopefully, Jason, Butt and I will set to work on a new set of survey questions within the next week (promises, promises)... We'll still have the old results on file, but we want to get some new input... If you have any ideas for new questions, Let Me Know and, if we use the question, you'll get credit or something (before we ruthlessly steal it and claim it as our own)...

20 May 1998

Well, the guys and I have been rather busy, so (surprise surprise) we've slacked....It's been over a month since our last update... Fuckin' sucks, huh? (Judging by all the mail we've been receiving it obviously does....) Have no fear... We're back. In the next couple of days we'll have new survey questions, show listings and pics of your fave band... In the mean time, Harass Jason and tell him to send me those pics!

14 April 1998

NEW STUFF! We just added an Official Day 19 Survey. So go fill it out here. Questions will change weekly or bi-weekly (we have yet to decide) and if you have a question idea, please e-mail us!

13 April 1998

The Page was down, and I didn't even know it. Do I feel like an idiot or what? (Jason- don't answer that! :o) Anyway, I added a bunch of new stuff today while I was @ work...and a couple days ago, Jason and I spent 2 and 1/2 hours on the phone doing a general overhaul of the site. You may not notice the difference immediately, but there is a difference.

Check Out The Guys' Show On The 18th In B-Field @ Nesta's Theatre!

2 April 1998

I'm BAAACK! It's me, the ever-so-crazy Day 19 Webmaster, up to my old tricks again... As promised (hey, I ALWAYS come through!) those new Pics are up. They're both from the 6 March 1998 show @ Nesta's Theatre in Bloomfield... One is of the Horn Section. The other is of everyone's fave trombonist, Obi.

In other Day 19 News...


If the guys win the Battle Of The Bands... They're performing on the Ska Against Racism Tour for one night (not too shabby, eh? :o) @ MSU..
Well, that's all for now peeps... Keep on skankin!

25 March 1998

It's Kate again.. Just wanted to fill you in on the recent updates to the page... I had a meet today (we won.. thank you thank you :o) so I didn't get to do much... However, I did fix a lil error on the dates and directions page (wrong e-mail).. Sorry 'bout that.. and there are more Pics of the guys from the March 6th show @ Nesta's Theatre that I'm supposed to be getting (and uploading).. They should be up within the next few days, so keep a look out and you'll probably be mailed about the next site update. Oh, and if you want to be added to the Official Day 19 Mailing List, drop a line with your name and e-mail address and we'll add you..

12 March 1998

Hey, it's everyone's fave Webmaster here to tell you what's new and improved on the site. First, MORE LYRICS! I just added the lyrics to She's a Satanist and Luke and Friends. Secondly, I updated the Show Dates-- so check it out, show up and skank the night away with the guys! That's all for now-- I'm off to Varsity Track Practice. Ciao!

8 March 1998

Ok peeps, it's the mad phat chick killer, Jason, here to give ya'll da 411.

So Friday night, we played Nesta's Theater in B-Field. It was an ok show, we had an off - night though. The new songs went over well specially the Star Wars tribute song, Luke and Friends. One Cool Guy rocked as per usual and were pretty nice guys. We hope to play a show with them again soon. Yesterday, we played at James Caldwell High School in West Caldwell for the music marathon. We were invited to play by Mr. Chamberlain, the music teacher there and it was Az and Dave's hometown gig so lot's of their pals showed and skanked.

Our next show is March 21st @ Bloomfield High School. It's a benefit show for the Key Club. It's the volleyball all nighter where people play volleyball from 6pm-8am the next day. When I was in high school, I never went to it but always heard it was a fun time. The next show after that is probably April 8th which is at Montclair State University. We are performing in a battle of the bands and the winner gets the opening slot for the Ska Against Racism Tour that hits MSU April 26th with: Less Than Jake, Five Iron Frenzy, MU 330, Mustard Plug, Blue Meanies, and last but not least, the Toasters. So that would be the most rad opporunity for us.

The next confirmed show after that is April 18th at Nesta's Theater again. We are opening for a reggae band named Exodus Supreme. So all together the next month and a half promises to be quite busy for us show wise. Plus we are still finishing off our EP (which will be on cassette format, not the 7" as we originally thought). Till next time, may the force be with you 10-4 over and out,

7 March 1998:

Added a couple of pics: Dave, Aziz, Ryan, another of Jason, and a group shot of the guys. Great Day 19 show last night. Many attended, all had a great time; my friends, Tara and Meghan, and I included. There's another show this afternoon at James Caldwell High School ( Directions Here!). Hope to see you there!

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