DAY 19 F.A.Q.

"Why the name Day 19?"

-Well, when we first got together we were called Wonderboy. That name was scrapped after only two shows for several reasons the most obvious of which is the fact that another band in LA already had that name. While thinking of band names we thought of the old skateshop in Montclair, NJ called DAY 19 that Butt used to inhabit several years before and had since closed down in 1994. Nobody liked the idea of using the name solely for the fact that it was a skateshop so we all brainstormed and thought of what else the name could mean to us. Woody checked his planner and saw that the first time we ever practiced was May 19th, 1997. So the name has two meanings, and the second meaning is the one we like to give more credence to only cause it means a little more to us but the fact that the idea started from the name of the skateshop cannot be ignored. We use the name two ways-spell it out and just have the # 19, depending on what mood we’re in. Now you know, and knowing’s half the battle!

"Did Ryan really eat a dog like it says in his bio?"

-Yes. When Ryan was small, he visited family in the Phillipines. It is custom over there to eat dogs and cats. So Ryan, without his conscious knowledge, ate a dog. True story. Needless to say, Ryan does not own any pets.

"Is Obi's real name Obi?"

-Obi’s full name is Osbed. Obi is short for Osbed just like Jay is short for Jason. It does not stem from Obi-Wan Kenobi as some thought because of our Star Wars obession, although sometimes we call him Ben. So next time you see Obi and wanna bust on him a little, call him OZZY!! METAL!!!

Here’s a real popular one- "Does Woody really have one wooden leg?"

-Of course-hence the name Woody (he’s lighthearted about it to say the least.) He lost his left leg due to cancer when he was 11. Read his bio for the full story. Woody’s real name is Dennis in case you were wondering.

"Why are there three songs on the lyrics section that you guys don’t play anymore?"

First off, Postcard....Postcard used to be a normal song and it just seemed to drag on and on but the lyrics and music, to us, were still kicking. So we stopped doing that song live last July. We put it on the CD as that little live acoustic thing almost as a joke but not totally. Someday, if you come to a show, come up to us before the show and ask us to play it. If we can beg Woody enough....we'll do it!!! PROMISE!

Secondly, Modem Sweetheart....whoa a blast from the past. It was our first original even though we count Wanting More as the FIRST REAL TUNE. Modem Sweetheart was just too...hmmm...reel big fish-ish cause at the time it was written we were really influenced by those kinda bands. But we grew out of RBF real soon and into trying to be very different than that OC sound. So the song has been laid to waste probably also since last July. Again, we almost played it last show, but we never did. If you wanna REALLY hear it, request it at a show!

Thirdly, 21 Days....21 Days used to a song of Jason’s old band Effigy. It's sorta like a really pop-punk tune without horns-part of the reason DAY 19 doesn't do it. At the show at Skater's World on March 27th, the drummer from Effigy came up and we played it without horns, as a three piece and it went over real well. As far as DAY 19 playing it, we played it once last year so we counted it as one of our own. That's why it's up on the page. We just never took it down but maybe we should.

Lastly, LONG DISTANCE & BRADLEY are brand new songs that Ryan and Jason wrote that will be on our next release (probably an EP sometime this summer/early fall).

Who's single in the DAY 19?

The only single guys in Day 19 are Dave, and now Obi. Everyone else has a girlfriend and Woody is married.

Do any members of Day 19 have Instant Messenger and/or AOL screen names?
What are the guys e-mail addresses?

Obi- Instant Messenger: bonehedobi


Dave- AOL:

Az- AOL:

Butt- E-mail:

Jason- Instant Messenger: JediFoley


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