Brian "Butthead" Foley: Bass and Backing Vocals

Brian, despite the fact that he was annoying when he was young, has grown into Jason's best friend. The story of how "Butthead" joined Day Nineteen is rather interesting.

In September 1997, the original bassist of Day 19, Nestor, quit because of school. Jason, looking no further than his own brother, enlisted Brian in the band as new bassist. Brian had had no prior experience on bass, but had been playing guitar for about three years. So Brian went out, bought a bass, and practiced his butt off for his first show, which was only a mere 3 weeks away. He pulled it off without a hitch and he was then officially made the permanent bassist for Day Nineteen. Brian is happy that he is finally in a band with his brother, Jason, fulfilling a lifelong dream for both boys. His bass skills have been honed through hours of practice with the band and on his own.

Brian is the self-proclaimed "Master ButtMan," never ceasing to do a "Butt Solo" at every show. For all those interested, his nickname does not stem from the immensely popular cartoon anti-heroes, Beavis and Butthead. The nickname was given to him by his brother, Jason, 10 years ago. The nickname is so synonymous with Brian that even his own mother calls him "Butthead."

AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 5'8"

LIKES: Skateboarding, small boobs, hair clips, Princess Leia in her slave outfit, waitress uniforms, & Ovaltine.

DISLIKES: Sandals with socks, raver pants, Amish swimwear, and Honda Civics.

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