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15 February 1998

The Light Side

So who is this self-proclaimed Jedi Knight? Yo it's me, Jason. Alright peeps, I just gotta say a few things.... First off, I am not a serious guy. I am one of the funniest guys you'll ever meet. That day I wrote that last Useless Ramblings, I guess I was just having one of those not-so-funny days where you just kinda sit back and think about a lot of things. Those are usually the days where you write those serious songs where nothing seems to flow right and you never get the song done, but you got all those ideas on paper nonetheless.

Ok onto bigger and better things... I am so jazzed for the new Star Wars Trilogy (the prequels). I can hardly contain my Jedi inklings (or my lightsaber for that matter). Hey if any of you guys are into Star Wars or just want to completely bitch at me for anything, e-mail the band . I answer all the e-mail.

Sheesh, what do I talk bout now.....hmmmnnnn....

So does anyone have any money I could have? I am really broke! I need mula in the worst way, and I am thinking of resorting to selling crack on my corner (or my body but I don't think anyone would buy). I've heard crack dealers make ten grand or more a week. Shit! That's probably more than I've made in my life! Ah shucks, crack ain't the way to go children.

I guess that's it for now. Expect the next Useless Ramblings to be quite a bit more upbeat for the most part. So long all and take care....

10-4 over and out,

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